Ayatana residencies include accomodation in the residency house, which is in a different place each year.


2017 The Jasmin House
Chelsea, Quebec (Ottawa/Gatineau)

The Jasmin house sits atop a hill over looking the Gatineau River. We have river access from a private dock, hamoks, BBQ pit, wifi, lots of nooks and cranies to
work/play/hide in. There are lots of beds inside the house and two in an out building separated by lawn and flowerbed. Meals are eaten together in the
dinning room or out on the deck. Dinner is time to discus our adventures and eat thoughtfully prepared home cooked meals. The garden is frequently visited by
deer, owls, ground hogs, coyote, skunk, silk moths, and a fox.



2016 The Chrisalis
Chelsea, Quebec (Ottawa/Gatineau)

The Chrisalis is a beautiful octagonal house on the Gatineau River with domed top floor housing the Ayatana Moth and Butterfly Observatory.

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The Larimac House, Chelsea, Quebec

Landmark East School boys dormitories, Wolfville, Nova Scotia



Birch and Pine Ranch, La Pech, Quebec

Landmark East School girls dormitories, Wolfville, Nova Scotia