Public works and events

Arousing Biophilia
An exhibition of biodiversity themed art
currated by Ayatana expedition leader Shannon Amidon
feathuring work by Ayatana residents





Ayatana's Biophilia residents install a flock of living moss birds
as part of the Uncommon Common Art Exhibition in Kings County, Nova Sotia, Summer 2015

June 2015 Ayatana's Research Artists' Book Project exhibits work at the Canadian Microbiology Association Conference, Alberta
image by Carol Howard Donati

off the s(h)elf
June 2015 Ayatana's Research Artists' Book Project exhibits work at the i'Klectic Art Lab in London, UK

Moss Moons
May 2015 Biophilia residents installed a living moss work at N 45.559907, W 75.829309.
moss graffiti


Flocks of Secrets, Swarms of Lies
Feb. 2015 Exhibition of work by Ayatana's Summer 2014 residents in the UCC Art Gallery, Oregon.


Larrimac Crop Circle
Feb 2015 Ayatana's Below Zero residents created a giant crop circle in the snow on the Larrimac Golf Course, Quebec.


Ayatana Anthology
The Research Artists' Book Project

The Ayatana Anthology is a collection of artists' books made by Ayatana residents either while on residency or in responce to their expiriences with us.


Ayatana Catalogue

Ayatana Published a catalogues of it's first artists in residence and experts.
Click on the image to read the catalogue.

The Summer 2014 Anthology is a box set of 11 artists books including a catalogue.

These books can be found in the following public collections:

Museum of Old and new Art, Tazmania
Center for Fine Print Research, UK Archives et Mediatheque, Musee d’Art Contemporian de Montreal
Anchor Archive Zine Library, Halifax Bank Street Arts, UK
Gallery Boekie Woekie, Amsterdam

These books have been exhibited in the following galleries:

i'klectic Art Lab, UK
The Sheffield International Book Exhibition
Memory Bank, Webster's Library, Concordia University, Montreal



trminal start

Summer 2014 Catalogue

Artists in Residence:
Helga Jakobson
Susan Rochester
Natalie Draz
Sophie Lindsey
Laura Grossett
Sarah Fagan
Cara Cole
Rahni Allan
Elena Thomas


Alexis Williams
Mathieu Gregoire
Jim Wolford
Chris Mansky
Larry and Alison Bogan
Janis Williams
Yvon Haché
Alfred Boudreau
David Debay
David Williamson
Paul Gregory
Tom Cosman



artist talks

artist talks


artist talks